We are proud to announce our grand opening! Our goal is to provide the residents of Los Angeles a trustworthy repair shop that provides quality service at an affordable price. We hope to make an impact in the Downtown community and earn their trust and business. Please stop on by, whether it is to say hello, ask a question, or just to take a look. We appreciate your feedback and our number one marketing is our fellow Angelinos. Look out for our press releases soon to be released!
Now is the time to schedule a checkup for your auto! Kids are back from school, and now is a perfect opportunity to get your vehicle inspected and make sure it can make that family outing! 

We complete a 110 point inspection to make sure your vehicle is capable of summer outings!

When is the last time you inspected your timing belt? Most vehicles have scheduled timing belt changes in their service manual, if you don't know when your timing belt was changed last make sure to schedule a visit to do so now!

All it takes is a snap of the timing belt to completely damage the internals of an engine. A simple $10 belt can prevent a $3,000 engine replacement. Engines have precision engineering and a timing belt keeps the valves, pistons, and other internal moving items from hitting each other. Its quite amazing how something so simple keeps everything running smoothly!

Does your car leave a stain on the ground after you park it? That is the tell tale sign of a leak. Any leak, big or small is a bad thing. We recommend an inspection to find and stop the leak to prevent a future breakdown. Leaks are the best identifiers of a problem, it leaves a clear picture on where and what the problem is. It helps find worn out or broken parts before they become greater problems. A simple water leak may lead to signs of a worn out water pump, and it better to find out a faulty water pump in a nice air conditioned mechanic shop then on the side of the road with an overheated engine!

Get your oil changed! Has your car become sluggish and less powerful lately? Its a good sign that your oil is ready for a change. We use premium oil for our customers vehicles, whether synthetic, part synthetic, or regular. We replace your filter at the same time to make sure your vehicle is back to making as much horses. 

We are located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles within walking distance to many venues! 
Schedule a visit, leave your vehicle for service, and take a walk with the kids to Staples Center, LA Convention Center, LA Live, and many more! 
Temperatures are rising and it feels like summer has already arrived! Now is the perfect time to check your vehicle's coolant levels and make sure your air conditioning blows cold! We recommend scheduling a coolant and air con check! 

When is the last time you got a coolant flush for your vehicle? Contrary to what you see on TV, plain old water in your radiator is a bad thing! It can rust your radiator and cause coolant leaks. Hidden problems with your coolant system can arise once temperatures start to heat up. We perform inspections on your radiator fan, thermostat,  coolant hoses to make sure you can beat the heat.  Getting stranded on the side of the highway is bad thing, but getting stranded in 100+ degree weather is even worse! 

Is your A/C blowing hot air? It may need a recharge! Your vehicle's air conditioning gas gets used up when running the A/C, and dissipates  when left unused over time. You can schedule a visit to get your air conditioner blowing ice cold once again!

We also recommend getting your tires and windshield wipers checked. Our mechanics inspect your tires for tread life and air pressure. Using old, over inflated, or under inflated tires on the highway during very hot days can lead to explosive blow outs! Make sure to schedule a visit for tire inspection!

Lets face it, us Angelinos have not seen rain in some time. However, when it finally arrives will your windshield wipers be up to the task? The rubber in most wiper blades become hard and brittle when left under a hot sun for lengthy times. They may be useless in carrying water away, make annoying screeching noises, and can even scratch your windshield. A simple wiper replacement costs little and will save you a headache once we get that long awaited rain shower!